Pig Roast and Pyroman Spectacular

Fully engulfed in flames!

It’s been 4 years since Harry Cotterly took to the stage as Pyroman. On Saturday, Sept 7th, guests and residents of New Ipswich attended a Pig Roast at Harry’s home to socialize, enjoy great food and company and watch a spectacular fireworks display.

With a chance of rain, the show was moved forward a bit and some wiring difficulties prevented a few effects from not firing.

I had some of my own problems with attempting to capture a video of the production. Fireworks are difficult to photograph. Focusing and exposure can only be approximated. In one video you’ll note the camera is constantly seeking to focus in the display.

Of course no video can capture the live event, seeing the entire sky filled with light and sound.

Thanks Harry and Noelia for a great time and great show. Some photos:

Pig Roast – Sept 7, 2013
Sentry at Harry’s workshop

The venue, former site of Smith’s egg farm

Pyroman rides in style
DJ services provided by BTS Productions

Harry Cotterly aka Pyroman rides in style

Dinner guest and main course

The stage, note the complexity of wiring

Eggs for sale!

Auction treasures

Final preparations

Whistles and sparks




Ginny and Margaret have a chat

Pig roast chef

Francis, WWII Navy chief

Face painting

Mom looks on at face painting

Face painting

Mower rides

Youngest attendee

Don’t take my picture!

Just in case

NIFD on the job

Beer Pong

Ginny and I mug for the camera

Harry worked at many of the shows at Atlas Advanced Pyrotechnics


Just a short segment of  Pyroman’s entire show

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