Squirrel and bear deterrent

I thought I had finally found the ultimate solution to keep the squirrels at bay. A fence charger wired to the feeder. It was quite effective. However in August I powered it down when some children were visiting to pick peaches. It seemed unseemly to shock small children.
I made the mistake of leaving the charger unplugged. After returning from some chores I noticed the top arm of my feeder “tree” was bent and a feeder was missing. The unmistakable signs of a bear visit.
The bear had visited before, a regular traveler along the Fox Farm corridor, stopping at the feeders having a quick snack. I know the shocker had worked before, one time I found it on the ground as if the bear had knocked it over in disgust. It’s designed for horse size animals and is more than adequate for bears and probably a little too adequate for the squirrels.
Needless to say, power is restored. I’ve seen the film Jurassic Park, I know what mayhem occurs when the electric fence is powered off.
Cute little bugger, isn’t he?
One of my early attempts. However the squirrels managed to run over this unscathed.
I noticed they were wearing rubber boots.
My trusty  Zareba, good for 20 acres!
The copper “roof” is battered from annoyed diners who don’t like to be shocked.
My ugly bird feeder “telephone pole”
The bear managed to bend the angle iron while pulling down the feeder.
I found it later, with the top ripped off.

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