152nd New Ipswich Children’s Fair

Photos of the fair. It was great to see old friends and new faces.
As co-chair of the Garden Shop I dressed in character.

Lining up for white elephant bargains

If you need a coffee pot or toaster, get in line

The chair people could be identified by the tie-dyed shirts, very colorful

Parker and other cub scouts manned the bounce houses

Lisanthus bouquets were a hit at the Garden Shop

Dan Grady’s Marvelous Marionette Medley is always a hit 

Take  a bow

Bill auctions a box of dishes, “Do I have a dollar?”

Leaping Lizards


Face painting

Great smile

Future in the Red Sox

Panther’s Football member

Add caption

Linda and Meghan

May not be the best toy

Appleton School will become a laboratory for technological archives. Dr Curtis Priest and his wife had a collection of interesting analog devices

Analog techology

Margie serves up some iced coffee

Lining up fora hayride

Mike Ordway entertains the crowds

All aboard for a hayride

Just hatched

How cute are baby ducks?

Cuteness alert

Pony rides


Wow, popular fair

“Buck a bag” at the white elephant, get your bargains now

Sue sells the winning lottery ticket

I scream for ice cream (shakes, cotton candy and fried dough)


Photo-bombed by spider boy

Popcorn anyone?

Thanks Chuck for the plants and help

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