Flowers for Friday – The Retirement Garden

I retired on August 31st 2012. After three weeks I realized that I wasn’t going to get a paycheck anymore which was going to be a problem, and I’ve returned to the workforce. Readers of this blog can help alleviate this cash shortfall by using the convenient Amazon link displayed prominently on every blog, website and social media venue that I participate in.

When I left my job, HP gave me a clock, presumably to watch the remaining years of my life slip away. My co-workers wanted to give me a gift and I suggested a gift certificate to Mason Hollow Nursery. They were most generous and I thank them for such a great gift.

I wanted something that would live on and grow. I promised to chronicle the progress of my “Retirement Garden”. Most of the plants have not reached a flowering size, but some have and they are thriving.

They gave me a clock so I can watch the hours of my remaining life tick by

Sea Holly, love the shape and color of this plant

Bee Balm with a Bee

Another view of the Sea Holly
In the background Butterfly Weed which pops up all over the place
These are a great combo for Xeriscaping

Hydrangea, I love Hydrangea

I was to see this flower so quickly and I’ve very pleased with it’s color

Another Hydrangea
I was surprised to see it bloom this summer


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