Welcome to New Ipswich – Come Grow With Us

The New Ipswich Zoning Board recently denied a variance to allow  Dollar General to build a 9100 square foot retail store on Turnpike Road.  The current master plan has a limitation of 1500 square feet for businesses.

Dollar General has targeted New Ipswich as a “food desert” since the majority of major grocery stores are a 30 to 45 minute drive away. They have have been expanding in both urban and rural areas looking to fill a food niche.
New Ipswich Market and Hoppy’s Country Store carry food items and would be impacted if the retail store were built. Hoppy’s has some specialty items not offered by a chain store. A great selection of their own spices and herbs, smoked ribs and local meats. Still  very few vegetables.
There has been talk in the past about starting a Farmer’s Market, but nothing has coalesced. I have hope for the Winter’s Summer Home Farm located at the end of Perry Road.
A retail store 6 times the size specified in the Master Plan is probably too big, maybe a compromise can be reached?  
We have quite a collection of empty buildings
Hmmm, this building is LARGER than the proposed Dollar General

Everybody has something to say about moldy Building 2

Goodbye Citgo Station – Any plans for the site?

I miss the convenience of having Belletetes Hardware right in town.
Now I have  25 minute drive to buy a box of wood screws.

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