Cape Cod Escape 2013 – Signs

Sign spotting at the Cape, a brief tour.

There are a number of cemeteries with graves dated back to the 1700. This was the Bridge Street Cemetery.

After arriving at Cliff pond on a very hot day we saw this sign. We chose to ignore it.

For the most part, folks obey this sign

Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans

Behind the Chocolate Sparrow

Have fun dodging the sharks

We saw every color flag except the purple one. There were some shark sightings the week we spent on the Cape

A great cemetery, more about this in another posting

I couldn’t answer any of the daily questions

“Tick Infested” sounds so inviting

Interesting sign, more on the windmill in another posting

Eastham Windmill plaque

Welcome to Chatham, be afraid, be very afraid

Welcome to Chatham, enjoy our waters

Living fossils

Welcome to Provincetown

Provincetown Eatery features paintings by our very own family member John Ferguson

We may have spotted one of these on beach

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