Kite Surfing

It was a windy morning on July 24th 2013. The sea was churning and completely devoid of the usual crowd of morning surfers. I was surprised to see one of the lifeguards (Igmar I believe) attach himself to a kite and head out into the waves.

This is my first experience seeing the sport of Kitesurfing and it is an amazing sight to see. The wind was very brisk and to stabilize the kite prior to launch, Igmar dumped sand on a quarter of the sail to keep it from flying away. The lines were very fine and looked like fishing line, but I now realize they are made of specialized materials.

After the sand was shaken off the kite, Igmar fought the wind to walk to the shoreline. The video is recorded at 120fps, there is no sound.

The next step is carrying the wakeboard to the shoreline and taking off. Once Igmar was off, he sailed way out into the ocean.

It is about one mile between Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Beach, he cleared that distance in a matter of minutes. The record speed set by Kitesurfers is over 50 knots.

Several times he fell off but somehow managed to get back up. Not sure how that is accomplished. The battery was dying as I filmed this and I suspect it affected the autofocus. The video has sound but it is nothing but wind noise.


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