James Peter Russo – (Jul 29, 1948 – June 24, 2013) aka HAT

One of the saddest things in life is losing a friend or a family member. Recently Jim “Hat” Russo died in surgery. I met Jim in 1973 working at Digital. Jim appeared in a black leather jacket, the leader of a Bridgeport Connecticut motorcycle gang. I loved him instantly. We often joked about the “Russo Factor” meaning that you were going to be drawn into an adventure which might frighten you at the time but would give you some really great stories.
At his wake in Maine, we remembered Jim and laughed and cried over his passing. Our hearts go out to his wife Jane, her sisters and mother in law, his daughter Amber, his grandson Nicholas and his son in law. Also all of us whose life is richer for having known him.
We visited Jim and Jane in the 1980s when they were renting and planning to build a house. We had a great visit, good food and conversation. One of the few photos of that time.

Amber and Jim at our house. Jim and Jane lived on Stowell Road in New Ipswich

Jim and Mike Renda

Jeannie and George hosted a dinner at George’s after the wake

Porch visitor at George’s

George show off his new Harley with KEY IGNITION!
Many stories were told of Hat having a hard starter

Hat stories, one of many

More Hat stories which are all true

And even more Hat stories

Turkey flipping “the bird”
Handiwork of George and Jim “Hat”

Mike Renda produced a video in tribute for Jim. He gave me permission to post it

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