Remembering John Stanley Poltrack

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My Grand Uncle John Stanley Poltrack was born in Poland on this date in 1887. He died in 1954 and I don’t remember him, but I was well aware of the Cycle Shop that bore his name.
As a kid, after church we’d drive past the shop and I would get see “my name” in lights on the storefront. Everyone in school assumed that my dad owned the store and I had unlimited access to bikes,
I have started a tradition of sharing family photos on family members birthdays. I usually share these privately  among the family but I decided to make an exception today. I think some of these photos may be of interest to residents of Stamford Connecticut and anyone else who is interested in this historical time frame.
This is the storefront I remember as a kid, in the 1950s.
John Stanley Poltrack – Born 126 years ago
My Grand Uncle
The Stamford Police force got their Harley’s from John Poltrack


Great float. I’m guessing this was taken in front of Holy Name Church in Stamford.
My first cousin 1x removed Bernie Dombroski and John Poltrack
My wife remarked that this looks like our cellar. I blame genes.


Ready to Ride


Hare and Hound Rally. This must have been fun to do. I’m curious where it was held.
If someone knows, please leave a comment on this blog.


John Poltrack and ?


Albert Poltrack, another first cousin 1x removed. A star of the rally.


Note motorcycle chains for dirt traction


That is a serious hill, guessing this may be the 1930s


John on left


A closer look at the tire chains


Albert Poltrack


Harley rules the day, go Albert


I would love to the see the “moving pictures” of this event. Anyone know Albert DeCarlo?


The shop in the 1930s


This had to be a great party. I assume it was held after the “Hare and Hound”


A family affair. John Stanley is holding John Adam. There are a  lot of John Poltracks.


Love these outfits


Great photo


Another early photo. Note all the sidecars.


The 1940s, John’s sons were in the service.


Tom Poltrack in the Army, with motorcycle


I need to find which font is used on the storefront. It looks great with our name.


Stamford Connecticut Tercentennial Parade


John making a delivery


The Shop


The Laundry is a nice touch


I got my first bike at this shop!

If you have a story about this shop and my family, please share it in the comment section. I want to learn more.


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