Saturday is CATURDAY!

Happy Summer everyone, it’s another #CATURDAY Saturday!
We get a regular visiting cat, a cute orange male that looks remarkably like our female cat Paris. He is a bit shy but will hang out with me when I am outside. For some reason he is tolerated by Buster, our possessive bully. I sometimes feel myself weakening and inviting him in for a stay but I’m not sure of the consequences.
One day the visitor cat was resting in one of my garden bins and I snapped a photo of him yawning. I didn’t realize it at the time but apparently cats have a third eyelid which is closed when I shot the photo. I cropped the shot tightly and cranked up saturation and contrast. It is really unfair to the cat since the photo makes him appear a bit scary. He really is a sweetie.
Third Eyelid showing on yawn
Original Photo. This is my attempt at container garden. Notice the success I am having growing weeds. Our visiting cat found it very inviting


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