Sushi Night

John and Angelika Weber have a long time tradition of a monthly “Sushi Night”. After selecting a restaurant, they gather with friends for food and conversation. As accomplished cooks they also study the menu and preparation techniques. realizing that in some instances they could do better themselves.
Harry “Butch” Cotterly is a long time friend and attendee of the Sushi Night dinners.  For his birthday John and Angelika prepared him a Sushi dinner. Ginny and I were happy to be invited.
Lobster, Avocado, Cucumber Sushi
The triangular shape allows them be arranged in a “pie”

Sliced salmon on Sushi Rice
tuna tartare – tuna, seaweed, seasonings, orange zest and avocado
This was Angelika’s own version of the dish
Angelika is really good at rolling Sushi. When I tried this they resembled sloppy tacos
The finished platter, I had to rush to get this shot before it was devoured
Oysters shucked by the Oyster Master seen below
Butch, the birthday guest. He only looks grumpy, he was quite pleased
Butch demonstrates his way of shucking oysters, also has some interesting things to say

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