Field of Dreams? How About the Town Dump?

There has been controversy about improvements made to the ball field located at flood control dam site 35 located on Binney  Hill Road. Specifically the addition of fill and permanent structures such as a backstop.

Obviously the town is in need of additional field space for the the multiple baseball teams.

Home Plate at field at Damsite 35
State didn’t like fill that was brought in
I had a thought on our regular visit to the town transfer station. I still like to refer to the transfer station as the town dump since I wax nostalgic about the dump on Page Hill Road. A place where residents would shoot rats scurrying among the garbage.
Standing at the metal pit I gazed out at a large expanse of FLAT land. Unlike the former landfill area, this was never a dumping area. As I understand it is not capped. Could this possibly be a site for a ball field?
Plenty of parking!
Town Landfill (with a view)
Capped area on left can not be disturbed, but the right area is flat and wide open
Just my thoughts.

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