The daily commute – good news! lots of people driving to work!

I work for a start-up computer company located in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Most of the time I am able to work from home, but occasionally I make the commute accompanied by our CTO and a lead engineer of our team. We have plenty of time to discuss technology, philosophy, family life and even a bit of politics.
We have plenty of time because we travel along Route 495 during rush hour. Traffic can be a bit congested.
42°36’33” N 71°18’51” W – Route 495
42°36’38” N 71°18’36” W  – Route 495
For the evening commute, we were encourage to discover that at least one of our commuter brethren hoped that we wouldn’t take any drastic steps 
as we waited in traffic to leave the former site of PLEASURE ISLAND.
John Weber kept our esprit de corps during out traffiic ordeal. He encouraged us to imagine a world 
of efficiently moving vehicles and no backups. It was inspirational.
NOTE: Animated GIF images depict a traffic flow at twice the actual speed


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