Garden Journal – Miss Kim Lilac

I was in the garden tonight, experimenting a bit with growing tomatoes in five gallon buckets. I’ll discuss that experiment in later postings. One of the treats of New Hampshire is learning about Lilacs. Not a plant I was aware of when I lived in Connecticut but quickly learned to love when I moved here. Of course they are also accompanied by the arrival of black flies and it seems they peak in intensity about the same time.
I have a variety of traditional lilacs (Syringa vulgaris) bushes, the old standards that take decades to become established. They tend to be quite tall so I opted for the common landscape variety “Miss Kim” (Syringa pubescens) for a foundation planting. It was one of my better decisions. I LOVE the fragrance of this plant. It is NOT the same as the regular lilac and I would admonish folks to experience it before purchase because this plant cranks out perfume.
As I was preparing my tomato experiment I was treated to the perfume of this great plant. Of course pictures cannot capture that.
One more plus for Miss Kim, a swallowtail butterfly magnet.


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