Wapack History Hike – June 1st

The Friends of the Wapack have been holding anniversary events to celebrated the 90th anniversary of The Wapack Trail.

One of these events was held June 1st  at Windblown Cross Country Ski Area. Owner and Operator Al Jenks told stories about Marion Davis and Frank Robbins, the couple that founded the trail in 1923.

We hiked along the newly relocated trail to Barrett Mountain on a very warm June day.

More details about the Friends of the Wapack and other anniversary events may be found on their website or by contacting Rick Blanchette – 603-878-1464.

June 1, 2013 Hike

Al Jenks, owner and operator of Windblown tells stories about Marion Davis and Frank Robbins
who founded the trail in 1923
Cellar hole of burned Wapack Lodge, a victim of a lightning strike in 1993
Newly relocated trail along the old stagecoach road on Windblown’s property
The stagecoach trail, blessedly shaded (it was HOT)
Up we go to Barrett Mountain
Who needs a lawn when you can have a field of ferns?
Mountain top shelter
A welcome break
What a view. Mount Monadnock in the center of frame
A proper privy
Descending via the zig-zag trail, a view of the beaver pond
Beaver Pond
Cornus Canadensis (Dwarf Cornel Bunchberry)
Drosera (sundew)


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