My New Pacemaker

Folks who have circled me on G+ or visited my website, know that I love taking and sharing photos. I’m perfectly content when I can be in interesting place with interesting people and have a camera in hand.

Of late I was finding the walking part exceedingly tiring. A stress test revealed that my longtime bifasicular block had worsened to a point were I was missing heartbeats.  Since this is an electrical problem it can be helped with an electrical device, a pacemaker.

These are clever devices that fire a discharge to replace a missed beat. I’m unaware of the firing but during an adjustment a technician was able to get my heart to flutter, which was not a pleasant feeling.

The last time I underwent an operation was in the early 1950s to have my tonsils removed. In the 60 intervening years, surgical procedures have changed a bit. I was in awe of the technology when they wheeled  me into the operating room.

I feel very grateful for the doctors and nurses at the New England Heart Institute. Also to my friends and family who visited me and are helping me with some physical chores during my recovery period.

An interesting side note to this experience is that I can join the group that has six degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon. In his latest show  The Following, Kevin plays an anti-hero FBI agent who has a pacemaker. The pacemaker is an integral part of  the plotline.

Feeling Better through technology!


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