#CyberMonday and #IngressInvite, a strange conjunction

I was one of the lucky ones that received an #IngressInvite from Google. I installed it on my Nexus 7 and it never launched. I was saddened since the game is in Beta and the activation code is a hot and sought after commodity. Ingress is a role playing game of sorts. I’m not a gamer but this captured my attention. I posted the trailer on this blog posting.

I posted the code on this blog and immediately saw a spike of page viewing activity. Someone must have used it because others commented it no longer was valid. One poor soul kept asking me to send it to him, assuming I had a treasure trove of these. I’m a Google fan-boy but that only goes so far.

The next day I was fiddling with the tablet with some music software when I discovered the setting for GPS. Why did I not have this turned on? The most important thing for this game is the discovery of the portals. The program launched and asked for the code which was rendered useless by my foolish largess.

The code is useless but all is not lost. My blog received an increase of page views. I feel like a minor celebrity. Notice the peak on the day I “released” the code.

Many page views might increase clicks on my monetized widgets, so all is not lost, especially on Cyber Monday! Click away dear friends!

Now I need to beg Google for another invite code… sigh! Save up for a tablet with a front facing camera.

Here are the stats on my holiday traffic on this blog.


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