I have the Ingress activation code, but no android smart phone

sorry folks! the code was used and is no longer valid. I guess I need to get back in line. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the nexus does have GPS. I just forgot to turn it on!  Duh!

Foolishly I thought that because I could install Ingress on my Nexus 7, I could actually play it. But the Nexus has no front facing camera for the augmented reality. Not sure if it has GPS either.

I have a  cell phone, but it is one step up from a rotary dialed, carbon miked, black bakelite Bell handset. The game sound intriguing and I would love to be part of it.

Google has been nice to me over the years, they have sent me a an activation code which apparently is of not much use to me, but I’ll be happy to share it with readers of my blog. Good luck!

pac@nianticproject.com has invited you to an exclusive beta test of Ingress.
Google Play Store LogoACTIVATION CODE:  

Some are not so lucky


9 thoughts on “I have the Ingress activation code, but no android smart phone

  1. I'm happy it worked for someone. This is bit like the roll out for Google+, I suppose and will be open to the larger audience in the future. It is very clever and I applaud the ingenuity. At some point I'll have the technology to join in the fun. I think of this as a bit of Geo-caching meets Fringe and Lost. Well done Google, well done!


  2. Sorry Mustapha NEGGAZ and others, someone has used the code so it now de-activated. Eventually Google will release this to the larger community. I just gave it away because I was unable to use it.

    Apparently if you do something clever they will send you the code. This happened to the person that created the Hitler in the Bunker video that I added to this post.


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