Sharing Photos with Google+ events

One underutilized feature of Google+ is the ability to create online “events”. This is a useful way to create collaborative photo albums around a common theme.

I have created a few of these and invited friends, family and the public to upload photos and add their comments. When the event date arrives, they can be viewed as a running slideshow featuring all the uploaded photos. Ar random times the show stops and a credit page appears naming all the contributing photographers. It’s pretty slick to watch.

My next event is going to be one to mark the End of the World on Dec 21st. That is open to all inhabitants of our home planet. I encourage all to come and share their last thoughts. You can find it at this link.

If the world is intact on Dec 22nd, I progress with a family Christmas event.

Any Google+ user can create an event and invite whoever they wish. I’m including a short video to show how to upload photos to share.

The event tab can be located on the left side of your Google+ page. Have fun!

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