Me talk Polish pretty one day thanks to Google Translate

What would we do without Google? When I was young, my father, aunts and uncles would sing these great Polish Christmas songs and some other catchy folk tunes. I know the melodies but the language confounds me with the combination of consonants and accent marks. How I wish they had taught me when my brain was young and nimble.

Lately we have been reminiscing about phrases we heard when we were children and I’ve been entering them into Google Translate, a wonderful tool that does a decent job of translating the word and also allowing you to hear what it sounds like. Since Polish has a number of characters with accent marks, I have been using the virtual keyboard that comes with the tool. Pressing the Alt+Ctrl key will display the addtional keys.

As an example, I chose the first line of the Christmas Carol “Christ is Born”.

How to use Google Translate:

  • Left pointing arrow points to virtual keyboard (needed for special characters). You can also type inside the text window (for example try “smelly feet” in English to Polish.
  • Downward arrow will allow you to hear pronunciation
  • Upward arrow (Alt+Ctrl) will activated the alternate characters for the language
As a student exercise, I would like everyone to try this out with their language of choice.
As an aside, my post title is a play on a title of a book written by David Sedaris, a humorist and frequent contributor to the radio show This American Life


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