Fresh Photos – 2012 Week 8

I’m sharing a few HDR tonemapped photos that we taken in week 8 of 2012. It wasn’t a particularly colorful or interesting week for photo opportunities. I’m awaiting the new growth that is just around the corner. The sky was interesting on the 23rd of February, so I shot these in Tophet Swamp in New Ipswich during week 8:


2 thoughts on “Fresh Photos – 2012 Week 8

  1. These were processed with Photomatix Pro, HDR software that combines multiple images of different exposures into a sign image. The idea is to expand the dynamic range of image. Digital sensors have a lower range than film and nothing matches the human eye. Painters have the advantage of deciding how they will paint a scene. I like using this to bring out the sky details which usually get overblown in the image. One of the choice of settings is “painterly” so you are right on target with your comment.


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