October Nor’easter

October is a time to enjoy the New Hampshire fall foliage, meet with the Presidential candidates, gather firewood and clean up the garden.

It is not the time to experience a historical snow fall, loss of electricity, broken trees and cancelled Halloween festivities.

The storm came quickly. In anticipation I picked up my snow blower and generator which I store in my Mom’s garage. I left her house when I literally saw a single flake. In less than an hour I was sitting in line of traffic watching cars trying to navigate up a slick and impassable hill.

At times like these I’m filled with a sense of deep self incrimination.

  • Why didn’t you wire your house for the generator, you had all summer!
  • Why did you wait so long to get the snow blower ready?
  • You had all summer to fix the gasket around the glass on the wood stove.
  • It’s October and you are already burning firewood, just wait till January!
  • You had a cup of coffee with your Mom, if you left 20 minutes early that hill would not be a problem.
  • You saw the lights blink, why didn’t you fill buckets of water in the bathtub to flush the toilets?
  • Chances are, gas stations are going to be closed without power, the generator will need gas…
  • You need 240 volts for the water pump why didn’t you wire up the transfer box for the generator?
  • You have the stinking transfer box on the workbench, I bet you wish it was hooked up!
  • You can melt all the snow in the world on the gas range but it will yield only a gallon of water
  • A gallon of water is not enough to flush a toilet
Thankfully for us the power was restored after a single day, but watching the news the rest of the Southern NH region was not so lucky. The problem is that the leaves haven’t fallen from the trees and the heavy snow toppled them over utility lines and even homes. The ground is not frozen.
In the last three years we have experienced 3 historic weather events. The 2008 ice storm, Hurricane Irene and now the Halloween Nor’easter.
I was outside today enjoying the 60 degree weather and trying to gather some snow runoff for the toilet flushing project when I was struck how the time of year reminded me of February. At both times the sun is as intense, the snow cover is comparable, the sun’s angle in the sky is the same. However there is one important difference.
February is followed by spring and October is followed by winter.

2 thoughts on “October Nor’easter

  1. Just to be perverse, I'll tell you I am in San Diego and have never, ever experienced such sublime weather. Deep blue skies, slight cool damp breezes against a warm, not hot, sun. They only bring clouds out here at sunrise and sunset to put on a show (and quite a show at that). My hotel is on the bay. I'm am storing these sensatins likes a squirrel stores nuts.


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