Singapore 1970 for #FilmFriday

Spice shop in Singapore – 1970

Rubber Plantation – Singapore 1970

Pergola at park in Singapore 1970

A snake charming act was part of a tour of Singapore which I took with my shipmates during the Vietnam war.

This was the camera that I used extensively during my time in the Navy. The photos in this post were all shot using Kodachrome ASA 25 slide film (slow but awesome). The colors were vibrant and have lasted for over 41 years. I made the mistake of also shooting with Ektachrome  thinking the it was somewhat equivalent. It is not! Some of those slides are badly deteriorated.

I finally sold this camera when I realized that it was just collecting dust. It had no automatic features at all with a split focus screen. It did not have a hot shoe, that is simply a holder for an external flash. I only wish I could find an affordable digital equivalent for that f1.4 lens.


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