Photoshop fun

I was intrigued by some pictures I once saw of composites of old and new photos of buildings and people. Since we live in a rural area everything grows and changes, but a bridge is fairly constant.

So this is a view in the same direction from over 100 years of time. The only real difference is the 2 buildings on the left that are not longer there.

Bridge about 100 years ago

Bridge Today

Bridge Composite


3 thoughts on “Photoshop fun

  1. That's our cousin John–always coming up with the new and different.
    Oh to be so creative with this thing we call a computer.
    Not really. I feel as if I wouldn't have the time, let alone the talent.
    Thanks for all the different postings, John.


  2. Fun stuff. We use Photoshop alot at work – not me, the students who work for us, for posters, etc. So interesting. But, I'm with Andee – no time!!


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