PIP Productions film project

A message from Rick Dumont of PIP Productions:

As many of you might know, or if you don’t, I have become a filmmaker and carla and my indie company, pip productions, will be premiering my first project “Brothers in Communion” to hopefully good sized crowds at various art house theatres in as many communities as possible in the coming months. We have joined forces in New Hampshire/New England with an art show producer and will be having an art show before each showing of the film, as venues will allow.

But that’s not all that I’ve come to tell you today.

We, Carla and I, along with nearly 50 other people (cast members and crew) are about to embark on our second feature film and are wondering if anyone in the fam might be willing or able to invest or donate any amount of dollars to help us reach our budgetary goal so that this film can be completed. The story of “farm stand” is about a woman who becomes the target of a deranged xfbi profiler’s affection. Through a supernatural connection he tries to win her love by “protecting” her and slaying anyone who he believes has emotionally or physically harmed her. Meanwhile the police investigating the series of murders target the woman’s husband as the primary suspect until the end when the killer goes after him. There is also a special lil twist at the end, which i hesitate in giving away, but suffice to say it will be something that no one could have expected and hasn’t been done before, to my knowledge, in thriller style films.

Should anyone be capable (realizing in today’s economy life is tough enough) and willing to contribute anything to this project, be advised that we will be donating a percentage of any profits from sales/showings, etc to domestic and sexual violence groups as well as aspca’s. you can reach me at ricksne@gmail.com for further details

thanks for listening…er reading ūüôā

happy trails! rick


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