Pyroman in New Ipswich…not to be missed!

At Mary and Melissa’s graduation we were once again privileged to experience a performance by our very own “Pyroman” as well as great firework display.
Pyroman has spent many hours perfecting his craft. He wears a special Kevlar and Nomex outfit along with a motorcycle helmet affixed with pyrotechnic devices.
The pyrotechnics are electronically ignited, a process that consists of each device being attached electrically to a trigger box. This setup allows Pyroman to coordinate his performance to a musical score.
Pictures cannot adequately capture the essence of the performance but I tried to take a few.
I have been lucky enough to witness other Pyroman displays but this one was the best ever. The smoke did not obscure the stage and several new innovations were added. This year a pinwheel was added that produced a lovely dynamic spiral effect.
At the end of the performance, we were treated to several large mushroom shaped fireball effects that may have been generated using black powder and perhaps a type of organic fatty material. I questioned him about this but as all great artists, he is protective of his proprietary secrets.
Thanks for a great display!

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