Five Days? How many songs are in my library?

I have written about my appreciation of access to music courtesy of digital technology. I’m old enough to remember listening booths for the latest 45 RPM recording. These records cost about the same in 1955 as the MP3 downloads from Amazon cost today. Forget the “good old days”, this is the time for music!

So I have created a huge library of ripped and purchased music on my primary computer. I’m clever enough to back this up on a fairly regular schedule but I have been tethered to the primary computer to access the entire library. I tried sharing via iTunes but firewall and network issues prevent access from all other computers. There is also the restriction that the primary computer has to be online for the sharing to work.

I am using a service called Lala which started as a CD swapping site that allowed you to trade your CD’s for ones that you didn’t have. As music moves into the download mode, Lala has introduced an application that allows you to upload your library to a central server and allows you to access it from ANY computer with web access. I like this idea because I listen at work, have a computer playing music in the cellar etc. What I underestimated was the huge amount of music that I have collected. So when I saw a message stating upload time of 5 days, I was a little surprised…. but as I write this, Kitty Wells is singing plaintively, so it is not necessary to copy EVERYTHING over at once.


So add some more music to your life!


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