Ice Storm 2008 – New Ipswich

Fox Farm Road was still passable the morning after the storm, many were not

First time I saw this in use

Power companies came from all over East Coast. Just a few days before Christmas

12 days without power and no generator, my homemade “ice box”

My friend John Morand brewed a special batch for the occasion

In a very short time, we managed to lose a large part of our town’s electrical infrastructure. I lost some wonderful ornamental trees which I will miss in the springtime. We have a shelter in town, but Ginny and I are doing fine with our wood stove, gas cooking stove, propane camp light and the greatest invention of mankind … the LED headlight. It really gets dark at night! Ice is no problem for keeping the food fresh, I shoveled a wheelbarrow full of it from the driveway. My friends and neighbors with generators have been great about providing us with warm showers and a bit of electricity to charge the cell phone and the cordless drill battery I’m using to power our “Hi Fi”. Internet is going to be a bit spotty but the library is up and running and I’m ‘blogging from there. More to follow as the adventure continues. Friday we expect a major snow storm, just the thing to put one in the Christmas mood. I’m too busy to write about all our adventures, I need to bring in more firewood before it gets DARK and COLD!


3 thoughts on “Ice Storm 2008 – New Ipswich

  1. Whew…the Monadnock region really took a hit.. Some great pictures that captured the beauty. But some, the destruction. Mom got power Wed. about 4PM. We are still without, although trucks are around and our neighbors are all twinkling with lights. We shall see when get ours! The flurry of generator purchases has the hospitals and fire rescue busy as people put them inside the houses and get overcome with fumes.. always something (I wish I knew Aunt Helen Polish phrase for that!)


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