Mouse Mischief

Autumn in New England is truly a treat. However as the weather grows colder, field mice and other critters decide they would rather find warmer quarters. Recently I was faced with the prospect of no heat in my aging Honda. The heater fan was making groaning noises and I instinctively knew the reason… MICE! I have many years of removing mice and their debris from a truck’s air intact, under the flywheel of lawnmowers, even baked remains in our oven , dehydrated, decapitated by cats and frozen corpses in a bucket. I won’t be foolish enough to leave my car unmoved for long periods again.


3 thoughts on “Mouse Mischief

  1. John, I remember the chipmunk in your well. I too had to turn on the self cleaning oven for two run throughs to cook out the mice. No wonder Sarah’s cat kept sitting in front of the oven for extended periods of time. Nothing worse than the smell of mice excrement toasting. Barb


  2. Ginny and I were trying to think why we getting so much smoke when we turned on the oven. The mouse had crawled into the interior wall of the oven. Once again I need to disassemble something to remove it. Our cats also were showing an interest in the stove, but we figured it was typical cat strangeness. Actually once the fur had burnt off the mouse was quite tasty.


  3. John so apt…I just had to call pest control to remove a mouse from a professor’s ground floor office…and Bill caught one at our house last week. ‘Tis the season for sure.Cynthia


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