Falmouth Road Race – 2007

Emily participated in the 2007 Falmouth Road Race after raising $1125 for Tedy’s Team . Thanks to all the family and friends that contributed to fighting stroke. We arrived on Saturday and spent the day relaxing at Old Silver Beach with Kirsten’s family (Emily’s college roomie) in delightfully warm bay water (we are used to more frigid conditions). Kirsten’s family were gracious hosts and let us stay in the “Lighthouse Room” in the family’s cabin located just a few miles from the beach.

On Saturday evening we decided it would be prudent to check out the race course and the location of the school buses that would transport the runners the day of the race. The finish line is located conveniently near the BBC Pub which is located across the street from the beach.

The day of the race was a little hectic even by summer-at-cape standards when almost 11000 runners and their supporters decide to drive to a single location at a set time. The race had a few interesting entries. There was a lobster, a Mohawk Indian clad only in a loin cloth and Wonder Woman. At 1 hour, 22 minutes and 27 seconds, Emily crossed the finish line.


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