How did the Yankees do this weekend?

Has anyone heard how the Red Sox/Yankees series went this weekend? Oh, wait a minute, the broom was in use last night as the Sox took all 3 games from the Bronz Bombers.

Not only did the Sox win, but all three victories were come from behind wins. And last nights game featured a record breaking ( for the Red Sox, tied the Major league record) 4 home runs in a row by the Red Sox. I do feel somewhat bad for the Yankees Rookie pitcher who gave up all 4 homers though, and hope this has no lasting psychological affect on him. This was the first time in 17 years that the Sox have swept the Yankees in a series at Fenwaypark.

The pendulum has swung back onto the Red Sox side right now. I was at one of the games last year in August when the Yankees had what was then called “The Boston Masacre” which effectively ended the Red Sox season, so I will revel in the latest battle won by the Red Sox between these two great teams.

Stay tuned to see what happens next weekend when the Sox visit the Evil Empire. Meanwhile this is one Sox fan who will be sleeping well this week. ūüôā

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