Yankees / Red Sox Rivalry – the season begins

It’s early in the season but the Red Sox and the Yankees are in a tie right now. We might have to get used to this for much of the season. The Yankees have a great offensive lineup but their pitching is suspect and Mussina is on the DL already. The Red Sox have some aging pitchers (as far as baseball is concerned anyways) but if they can hold up and Dice-K is the real deal (and it looks like he is) and Schilling and Beckett hold their own, it could be a long season for the Bronz Bombers. I hope so anyways. Yup, I am Red Sox fan, true blue, always have been, always will be. The funny thing is that both the Yankees and the Red Sox are looking up at the Toronto Blue Jays, who are in first place. The Jays are a force to reckon with this year, so its going to be quite a fun season.

I did read that the Yankees are not offering to extend A-Rod’s contract. Although I can’t verify this I heard a rumor that as part of the extension he was demanding a laced handbag (sorry ManPurse) outlined in pearls as part of the deal. Apparently the old manpurse is not in fashion any more. ūüôā

Oh well, I am anxious to hear everyones thoughts on the Yankees and Redsox and how they will both do this year. Meanwhile the unbelievable thing is that if you go up to a Blue Jays game in Toronto, you can park for less than $5 and buy a ticket for as low as $8. Of course you have to get there and gas is so darn expensive, but that’ a whole other topic.


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