Coyotes (I mean Fisher Cats), Bears and The 1808 Sign.. Oh My!

In the middle of the night we were awakened by a strange animal sound. All sounds are magnified and more frightening around 3 am. After we turned on the exterior lights we could see a creature running through the yard. Apparently we had a visit from a coyote and thankfully all the cats were safely inside. Coyotes breed in January- March and are quite vocal during that time.

Coyotes are not the only excitement in our town. March is Town Election time and we have the “Sign”. The “Sign” has dominated our newspaper letters and town politics for some time. Sometime in the past an illuminated LED sign was installed by the 1808 corporation. After the neighbors picketed, petitions offered, cease and desist orders, letters sent to the papers… there will be 3 warrant articles on Tuesday’s ballot related to the “Sign”. Ironically the “Sign” is now being used to defend it’s right to exist (it has a rudimentary computer brain). There is a lot of money at stake in this issue, a daily fine is being enforced for violation of the cease and desist order. Passions are running high…

Voting is tomorrow, so I’ll post the outcome as a comment.

I mentioned “Bears” in title… They are another creature that we see more now than when we moved here 30 years ago. After they destroyed my birdfeeders they haven’t been back. I did see a few hanging around the “Sign”


4 thoughts on “Coyotes (I mean Fisher Cats), Bears and The 1808 Sign.. Oh My!

  1. John, it was not a coyote on our porch, it was a fisher cat! It sounded like a baby screaming with a sore throat. A coyote sounds like yelping sounds. Plus coyotes DO NOT climb trees. This thing I heard climb one of our trees/11


  2. After a little research, I have to agree with my wife (Anonymous) that our night visitor was a fisher cat. I was unsuccessful finding an audio clip, but I found lots of stories about creepy night sounds and missing pets. Why do we have this creature as a NH minor league baseball mascot?


  3. I found tracks in the snow,an angled two-print track pattern… which is characteristic of members of the weasel family and this description of their mating call on the web:“However, fisher cats can sometimes be heard calling in the woodlands during their mating season. They have a chilling scream very much like that of a high-pitched child.”


  4. The citizens of New Ipswich have spoken against the signResults:Article #6 was defeated with 523 yes votes and 746 no votesArticle #26 was defeated with 524 yes votes and 738 no votesArticle #27 was defeated with 525 yes votes and 743 no votes


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