February Birthdays Recap

I’d like to thank the folks that sent me some additional updated photos of the family members for this month’s Birthday Album.

I’ve been very pleased with using Google’s Picasa to share these photos and I would like to encourage others to utilize this FREE software. You can create your own albums, upload your photos and share with your friends and family. Recently they have added the capability of uploading movies. Here is the link for Picasa

Here is a summary of the February Birthdays

Ben C (16th)
Michael D (18th)
Sean M (20th)
Adeline Poltrack (22nd)
Jane C (23rd)
Andrew T (24th)
Woody G (25th)
Marilyn W & Megan M (27th)


2 thoughts on “February Birthdays Recap

  1. Yes, it should be explained.The picture was taken years ago in the “film” days. I had a moldy piece of French Bread and realized that it’s texture and color would lend itself to a recreation of a birthday cake. But I suppose that does not really explain things does it? Maybe a representation of the decay of age?


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